It’s a loooooooong weekend

I immediately booked our ticket to Bangkok, Thailand when our company gave us a loooong weekend. We’re expecting our Eid holiday will start on 6th July. But our company was generous enough to start our vacation on 3rd July. We had 5 working days off, and a total of 9 days off including Friday and Saturday.

My mother and I wanted to go to Europe, but we don’t have enough time to apply for Schengen visa.

We decided to go to Siem Reap, Cambodia and Bangkok, Thailand because…

• We don’t need to apply for a tourist visa since we’re a member of ASEAN countries.
• My mother said as an Engineer she’s interested about the structures of Angkor temples.

Our flight going to Bangkok was delayed. We ought to take a bus to Don Meuang International Airport since we had 5 hours time allowance before our next flight to Siem Reap. But we ended up taking a taxi because we don’t have enough time. It takes 30 minutes – 1 hour (or depending on the traffic) by bus going to the next airport. We didn’t exchange our money in Thai Baht, since we’re going straight to Cambodia. We asked the driver if we can pay him in US dollars, he agreed. But he made an opportunity to overcharge us. *sigh*

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My body goal journey part 1

I took off yesterday at the gym. My body told me I need a rest. I went to the gym for 10 consecutive days. My goal was 21 days, but it’s not good at all. Because I’m doing back-to-back classes. I’m attending Circuit training, Yoga, Muay-thai and Boxing. I enjoy going to the gym like never before.

Before I was avoiding Muay-thai and Boxing classes, because my body and eye coordination were bad. Great thing, there’s an awesome instructor who helped me enjoy those classes. He taught the basic and there’s no pressure if I can’t do, what others can do. I can’t kick hard because I’m saving my legs for other activities hahaha…

Then, my fitness coach for 2 years now, is not losing his hope to make me a hot babe. Bwahaha…

I told my mother what to do on how I’ll lose weight fast. But the problem is… I’m not applying it. Aside from going to the gym regularly. I must change my eating habit. I will not blame my mother if she feeds me well. It’s my fault… I easily gave in to my cravings. I listened to my sweet tooth. I’m still eating sweets and drinking calories (soft drinks, juices, 3 in 1 coffee).

Sometimes I felt bad when someone’s saying “You’re mother is sexier than you”. Yeah…. Truth hurts! Hahaha…

I think I’m not yet taking my body goal S-E-R-I-O-U-S-L-Y. I’m working out hard, but I eat hard too. Damn! That’s bad…

To be continue…

Thoughts of a newbie WRITER

I didn’t hit my target last week to write a 3 blog posts. But, still, I’m proud of myself that I have a 5 blog posts on my blog so far. Small achievement, but I want to congratulate myself for squeezing the words to come out of my brain. Hahaha… good thing I don’t have a headache.

I’ll tell you my dark secret… I often have a writer’s block (ehem!) Wow! “Writer’s Block” Big words! Hahaha..

Yeah… I’m considering myself now as a WRITER. I AM A WRITER!!!

I’m pushing myself to write everyday though I didn’t have any plans to publish it soon. What I’m doing is to make myself comfortable to write.

I’m having a hard time what to say, what I’m going to write, my paragraph structure, grammar, writing style blah… blah… blah…

But then, I’m reminding myself that I am newbie here. I shouldn’t be hard on myself and it’s okay to make a mistake. As long as I will do an immediate action to make it right. Because if I’ll keep on thinking my concerns while I’m writing…  I’ll get stuck and can’t move on forever. F-O-R-E-V-E-R

I’m happy when I’m writing. I was thinking I have lots of readers waiting for my new blog post. Then after that it feels like I’m having an orgasm Hehehe…

Like my driving skill, I SHOULD PRACTICE OFTEN TO IMPROVE. Every day I’ll set aside 30 minutes of my time to practice. I’m also reading a lot lately to learn different writing styles and to broad my vocabulary knowledge.

I can’t wait to tell my friends about my blog… soon. I need their opinions, comments and violent reactions, to achieve the better version of me hahaha…


So what if I failed?

Today was my 3rd time that I failed my yard test. Before the test I was nervous and thinking I might fail. Well, it happened…

Another dirhams to spend for the next test. A bit sad because I’m wasting time and money for every failed result. But hey! it’s fine… life’s like that. I’m still positive that I will pass on my 4th attempt. I’ll just give myself a week or two to practice, then I will try again.

Others are saying “Parking? It’s easy!” Yeah right! I think for them… Hahaha… but to be honest they are somehow right and I felt embarrassed. Well… there are things that I’m having a hard time to learn, while for others it’s easy and vice versa. Sometimes I’m asking myself “Why I put myself into this hard situation (taking a driving lesson)?” Then there’s a follow up question “What’s the meaning of life?” Hahaha… I’m just kidding.

Practice… Practice… Practice… Practice… PRACTICE EVERYDAY UNTIL I GAIN MY CONFIDENCE ON HANDLING THE STEERING WHEEL AND CONTROLLING THE SPEED. Then that’s the time I’m going to take my 4th yard test. I believed that I will passed the next test and will have my driving license next month. Aja! Ganbatte!

So what if I failed? I’m gonna try again until I can make it. My mother told me “Just think about it, there’s no forever. It means you’re not going to fail forever” Hahaha…



Weekend Madness

I was kinda confused lately on what I’m going to do. I already started taking Kopywriting Kourse, reading “The Boron Letters”, and bought the books recommended by Neville Medhora. But I was overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do next.

Good thing I checked out the last module of Neville’s course. I can read “The Boron Letters” while taking the Kopywriting Kourse. After finishing those two, I can start reading the other materials.

My weekend was a bit wasted because I didn’t know which one I’m going to do first. I was thinking about my travel plans, driving test, how to improve on my day job, weight loss and studying copywriting. But good thing at the end of my weekend I figure out what to prioritize.

Since it’s Ramadan season I can spend enough time on those stuff. On travels, if Holiday Factory will approve our trip to Georgia this coming Eid holiday, I’m going to Japan in November. Yeah… I’m gonna do a ticket refund again (I was planning to go to Thailand and Cambodia on December). But what to do, that’s the result of hasty decisions. Hahaha… I have to pay the price.

I need to manage my time wisely to accomplish my goals. 🙂

My Goals for 2016

I know it’s already June but only this month that I came up to have definite goals for 2016. Yeah… it’s better late than never hahaha…. Hey! I still have 7 months to achieve it. I’m posting my goals here to keep a record aside from my diary. Hehehe…

Here are my goals:

UAE Driving License. It’s been a long time since I came here in the UAE but didn’t I have a chance to go on a road trip and explore the beauty of UAE. I think this is the right time to do it.

Deadline: end of July 2016.

Flat abs and toned arms. I’m working on it for the last 2 years but didn’t achieve until now because I’m on and off going to the gym. I wanted to have it because it looks good in plain clothes and let’s face it appearance first before attitude if you wanted to attract your opposite sex. Hahaha…

My fitness coach wanted me to lose the “target fat to lose (8 kg)” this month. Yeah… I only have less than 3 weeks.

Learn how to be a copywriter and have an online copywriting job. I’m longing to have a writing career, but now I know the specific writing career that I wanted to pursue. Though I’m still going to keep my day job. I wanted to be a rock star copywriter 3 years from now. 😉

I’m currently reading “The Boron Letters” by Gary C. Halbert. It was recommended by Neville Medhora (Kopwriting Kourse master).

50 blog posts. I started to write a blog when I was in college. But I didn’t have a regular blog that will last for years. I’m making a new blog, write a few blog posts, delete when I didn’t like it anymore, then make a new one again. It becomes a cycle for me. But this time, I’ll stick to my current blog site and make it grow. 😀

I’m writing whenever I have free time or words needs to come out of my head. Then keep the draft, pull out whatever topic I’ll like to post and edit. This week my target is to post 3 blog posts.

I think it’s also good that every month I’ll update the progress of my goals. It’s a mind trick that will keep me going. Because I know myself that I often lose on track when my enthusiasm level got low. But now I’m changing my bad habit. I find ways to keep my enthusiasm level high. I’m reminding myself that sometimes it’s okay to lose on track while achieving goals, but I should get back as much as I could before I totally get lost.


Why I love to write

On my previous post I mentioned that I love to write. But, I didn’t give the details why I love it. These are the following reasons…

I am an introvert. It’s easier for me to write than to talk. I can express myself more when I’m writing.

As for me writing is a craft that I can develop. Because I don’t know how to play any musical instruments or sports. My friends says I’m good at writing, and somehow I agree to them. My style is witty, because I, as a reader loves to have fun when reading.

I really want to pursue a writing career. I wanted to be a copywriter, because I can do it as a freelance job. I love the thought that I’m an ordinary employee at day, a rock star copy writer at night. Who knows one day I’m crazy enough to leave the corporate world and travel the world? I can afford to travel the world because I have lots of writing gig.

I think I can make a difference through my writings. I’m confident to write when I’m using my mother tongue (Filipino language). But I wanted to have a bigger audience that’s why I preferred to use English. I’m having doubts if my English grammar is correct or wrong. I’m afraid of getting criticize by other people, though I know I need it to grow and improve.

Since I mentioned I wanted to have a writing career, I need to push myself and let go whatever negative thoughts I have in my mind. I can’t move on too if I’ll try to please others. I should write first for myself until I develop my self-confidence. I will read more to learn different writing styles and techniques. Write as much as I could. Practice… practice… practice…

Hahaha… I won’t tell to my FB friends that I have a blog until next year. So far I’ll keep it to my close friends and let them criticize my works.