Starting Over Again

I’m going to start over again. September last year when I bought my own blog domain name and write 2 blog posts the next month. Then nothing follows.

I love to write, but I’m afraid to write in public because I’m lack of self-confidence to do it. Since I turned 30 last month I said to myself that I should face my fears and get out of my comfort zone (I’m still scared while typing this).

Yeah… maybe my first few blog posts sucks or will have a grammar mistakes, but it’s fine than doing nothing at all. Because I can’t be what I wanted to be without trying.

I’m setting a goal to have at least 50 blog posts before the year end. I want to make this blog to last for years. Of course I’m dreaming to have a subscribers and regular readers too. I’m hoping that other people can pick some wisdom from me. Hehehe…

My blog domain name sounds like a travel blog, but I’m going to write any topic here. I’m excited to see my improvement on this blog. 🙂